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YOU FOUND ME - either you have seen me perform,
heard about my upcoming CD, or plain and simple, your
curiosity is up. In any case, WELCOME !!!!!

My Aunt Ruth always said to SEE a person, you gotta "learn" a little bit about that person. Well, I thought I'd start out my site by giving you THEE PIVOTAL MOMENT in my life that made me the singer and entertainer I am and still aspire to be.With my Dad, Roy Scott

I have been performing on stage since the 4th grade. My first "personal appearance" was singing for the entire PTA in Gastonville, PA, with my legendary father, Country music great from the WWVA Jamboree, "Ramblin' Roy Scott".

(My Mother's recollection)
This is THEE pivotal moment I want to share with ya'll -
it kinda determined my future and changed my life forever.

It was a hot Saturday night at the WWVA Jamboree in Wheeling, WV, where Dad performed almost every Saturday night from l946 to somewhere in the late '70s. The shows were live, fast paced, and broadcast over ll70 am radio. Each artist got their l5 minutes (of fame) to get out there, do 3 songs, make their pitch about where they were appearing next and tell the folks where they could buy their latest recordings.

Mom tried to go to as many shows as she could. On this particular night, Mom was standing backstage holding me in her arms. I was 3 or 4 years old, "cherub" chubby, dressed all in ruffles and lace.

On the Jamboree show that night there was a very beautiful country singer from Ohio, trying to make a "break" into Nashville. Her name was, "MISS DOTTIE WEST". She and Dad had become friends and, as legend has it. . . . .

Miss Dottie WestMiss West thought me a cutie pie and when I was backstage, Dottie would always pick me up and walk around with me. Never letting me down until it was her time to walk out on the stage. Well, this night, Dad was out on stage performing his fifteen minutes. I remember hearing the "cowbells" ring after each of his songs, noting audience approval. Mom says as Dottie was holding me, she handed me a small rubber ball. After playing with it for a minute or two, it rolled out of my hands and rolled directly onto the middle of the stage, EXACTLY where my Dad was, in the middle of singing a song. Dad never missed a beat, just kept on singing. My Mother then says that she saw a "mischievous" smile come over the face of Dottie West.

The next thing Mom saw was Dottie putting me down on the floor and "coaxing" me to go out on the stage and get my ball back. Before Mom could grab me up, I "strutted" right out there onto the stage. (Being 3 or 4 years old, you are innocent and fearless). I picked up my ball standing at my Daddy's pant leg, looking up at him. The audience let out a sentimental "ahhhhh" and then the cowbells started to ring and ring. People started to clap and laugh. My Dad then picked me up, kissed me, and introduced me to the audience.

That did it. My first applause, all for me. From that day on Mom said I would walk around the house holding a brush in my hand as a microphone and sing and sing. And practice "taking my bow".

I fell in love that very night with the music, the audience, the applause. All from a gentle "PUSH" from a country music legend, Miss Dottie West.

Mom says it happened just that way. Whether it did or not,
makes a great story and a great HOME PAGE, dont ya' think?

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