Lois Scott's Biography - So Far…

Long before “country was cool”, Lois Scott has been entertaining audiences across the US and Canada. Between Lois and the band, these “Seasoned” musicians have been performing their special style of country music for over 30 years.
Ramblin' Roy Scott of the Wheeling Jamboree
Lois was born into country music. Her father, the legendary “Ramblin’ Roy Scott” of the world famous country music theater, WWVA Jamboree, in Wheeling, WV, took Lois on stage at the age of 8 years old.

In the 70’s Lois formed her own country band, “Back Up and Push”. This very popular Pittsburgh based band and Lois traveled the country for almost six years. Playing everything from county fairs, honky tonks, to the major arenas and state of the art music theaters.

Lois became very popular working as “opening act” to some of Nashville’s biggest and brightest stars of the 70’s and 80”s. Some of the stars Lois worked with were: The Oak Ridge Boys, Merle Haggard, Ricky Nelson, Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette – just the name a few. Lois and “PUSH” recorded 3 single (45 rpm) records, and one album.

Road life took a toll, and Lois came back home to Pittsburgh for a much needed musical break and to “re-invent” herself.

Lois with the band in 1980 Lois with the band in 1982

In the mid 80’s, Lois teamed up with her two beautiful sisters, Jan and Lori, to form vocal country group, “HARMONY SCOTT”. The trio was so popular that they landed a TV spot on the Nashville Network television show, “You Can Be A Star”. The girls made it into the “semi-finals”. From that national TV appearance, they caught the eye and ear of WWVA Jamboree musical director, Zane Baxter. Almost immediately Harmony Scott was hired – once again - Harmony Scott at Jamboree in the Hills 1986as “opening act” to the most famous Nashville stars appearing on the Jamboree.

Some of the Nashville greats the girls opened up for were: Kathy Mattea, Eddie Rabbit, Steve Wariner, Dwight Yoakum, Neal McCoy, Roy Clark, Loretta Lynn……and for almost one year, the girls worked along side of a (very young) and now very famous, “BRAD PAISLEY”! He was also a Jamboree “regular”.

The scoreboard at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, PALois is very proud of her association with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the mid 80’s, Lois was hired by the Steelers organization to sing The National Anthem “live” at Three Rivers Stadium. Lois sang the Anthem for the Steelers off and on for over two years.

Country music in Pittsburgh goes in “cycles”. The Knobs - back then... It’s popular for awhile and then it fades away only to be reborn 5 or 6 years later. During the “skinny years”, Lois joined a local classic rock & original band called The Blues Benders“THE KNOBS” in mid 90’s. In the year 2000, Lois started her own blues band called THE BLUES BENDERS and for the next four years played steady with these talented players.

In 2005 Lois started working on her first solo CD – revamping her country roots. The title of the CD is “YOUNG”, named after a song written by Pittsburgh-Nashville songwriter, Dave Hanner. Dave is also the record producer on Lois’s long awaited country/alternative CD.

In 2008 - Lois was reunited with long time friends/musicians, Bryan Rubican and Paul Rodi - becoming "Lois Scott and THE BAILERS".

2010 has brought many changes - once again for Lois. THE BAILERS now are traveling as a TRIO, due to economic times in clubs/bars/honky tonks. The long time friends in the Trio, are Lois Scott, songwriter Bryan Rubican and Paul Rodi on bass and vocals....This year marks 32 years Lois and Bryan and Paul - have been performing and writing together. Currently, THE BAILERS are recording their much anticipated album, entitled "BAKERS DOZEN" - a compilation of Bryan's well written songs, Paul's straight forward bass lines and vocals, and Lois's warm, distinct vocal - to bring this new project to life. BIG WATER - a song written by Rubican is dedicated to the recent flood victim in Nashville and Arkansas.

Lois with the Knobs nowA little Knobs Rainbow Hippie action

Still Rockin'Still Rockin'
At 54 years old, there is no slowing Lois down. With the release of her present CD, Lois hopes to “rekindle” her career – once again and continue to work clubs/theaters around PA and beyond.

Whether Lois is performing with her country band, "Lois and THE BAILERS" or singing as back-up chic singer vocals for her classic rock friends, THE KNOBS. There is no denying this ladies love of performing to her audiences.

Fast Facts and THE BAILERS Bandmate BIO'S

Born: Lois Ellen Langland on January l4, l956 in Canonsburg, PA
Graduated High School: South Park PA l973

Here is a cool "Tidbit": Way, Way, Way, back in the early 90's, I worked with a certain young man - he was 17 years old at the time - and even then it was clear he had "IT" - whatever that special "IT" is. We worked together at the Jamboree in Wheeling, WVA for almost two years together. His first name is BRAD - come on now, think. He's is now one of the biggest stars in Nashville and beyond. Talking about BRAD PAISLEY. I am so very glad - Brad got the right breaks to show the world the talent I saw in him way back when. Way to go BRAD!

As the economy has forced Lois to temporarily give up her 5 piece band - Lois, and long time friends/musician buddies,
Bryan Rubican (acoustic player/vocals/songwriter), Paul Rodi (bass guitar/vocals/songwriter)are now performing as THE BAILERS "unplugged".

Incorporating their original music along with blues, country, folk, bluegrass and classic rock - This "NEW" Trio version of THE BAILERS with their flawless three part harmonies is sure to delight every audience.

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