They don't make 'em like my DADDY anymore.

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My Dad - Roy Scott
WWVA Jamboree Star
Member since l947
Still going strong
WWVA Performance
2005 - 80 years young
Dad has GOLD STAR outside of Jamboree
Theater. Check out all the others artists honored as well.
Backstage at Jamboree
l964. His Mother use to
make all his western shirts.

Dad worked for Hank Snow
at age 17 -Dad on right
70's Hair-Do
Dad hated that look
Jamboree Backstage
Dad loves to race cars. Heidelberg, South Park, Smithton. Gotta admit this was a classy way to transport a racecar. Can you see us girls in the car anxious to watch Dad race? Cool times. April 2006 - Dad's 80th
Juli, Me, Dad, Lori, Jan
and niece Ellen Rae

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