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Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
The Un-plugged BAILERS do: Classic Rock, Blues, and Country

White Liar - Miranda Lambert
Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show
Adelle - River Rollin'
I'm Movin' On - Rascall Flatts
Need You Now - Lady Antibellum
Troubadour - George Strait
I've just seen a face - The Beatles
Knockin' on Heavens Door - Clapton
Poncho and Lefty - Hagard/Emmylou Harris
Silver Wings - Haggard
Shackles and Chains - standard
Glendale Train - standard
Funny How time slips away - Willie Nelson
The Letter - Box Tops
You got me Runnin - Jimmy Reed
Bye Bye Love - Everly Brothers
Bad Moon Risin - Creedence
Walkin after Midnite - Patsy Cline
Stand my Me - Ben E. King
Old Hippie - Bellamy Brothers
Two More Bottles of Wine - Delbert McClinton
Landslide - Stevie Nicks
Bobby MaGee - Janis Joplin
Once a Day - Connie Smith
Suds in the Bucket - Sara Evans
BoJangles - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Smackwater Jack - Carole King
Me and Julio - Paul Simon
To Love Somebody - BEE GEES
Against the Wind - Bob Seeger
Ramblin' Fever - Haggard
Even Cowgirls get the blues - Emmylou Harris
3rd Rate Romance - Amazing Rhythm Aces
Lodi - Creedence
The Weight - THE BAND

Plus Our Originals:

Big Water
Tennessee Moon
Misspssippi Moon
Well Run Dry
Lookout Mountain
Chesapeake Bay
One More Lonely Midnite
Southern Comfort
Moon Out Tonite
Tryin' to Forget You
Halfway up the Mountain
Honest to God Cowboy
Bayou Baby

Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
You Can See several Live Video Clips of me/PLUM LOCO
Monday, February 27, 2006
Hey - there is are some "LIVE" video clips from my CD release
party 1-14-07.

You can click onto the blue highlighted YOUTUBE I have for you
below - then type in my name: LOIS SCOTT and it will take you
directly to YOUTUBE - to watch my live clips.

Check them all out: YOUNG
When You Took Your Love
Little Darlin (Crazy Mama)
Soon to appear on YOUTUBE:
Rattlesnakin' Daddy
Guardian Angel
Heart Cut in Half

Lois Scott's Special Events
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
I have been sending my CD, "YOUNG" to several music critic's
around the Burg......Here is my lst one and I quote:

"What do you get when you mix a pristine voice, topnotch
musicianship and production, and a handful of great songs?
Lois Scott's new offering "YOUNG".
This long time studio vet has finally released her first solo
effort - and it does not disappoint. One of of the most
difficult things to do in music, is to take someone else's song
and make it your own. With the help of Dave Hanner's production,
Lois has not only made these songs her own, but has taken them
to another level. There is an understated beauty to this disc
that takes the listener to a calm and peaceful place. This disc
is the perfect vehicle for Lois' voice. With a leaning toward
contemporary country, but not the slick manufactured sound
Nashville had fed us in recent years. Some stand outs here are
"Rattlesnakin' Daddy", Lois' tribute to her father. She is
able to capture the twang that made country music great, and
once again Hanner's production shows you how contemporary
country can sound twang, pedal steel, and all. "Beautiful Fool"
Don Henry's haunting ode to Martin Luther King is done with a
reverence, and brilliance that leaves the original lacking by
comparison. "When you Took Your Love" with Hanner's guitar
work is stunning. The sound Lois and Dave create on the chorus
is simply beautiful. Why Dave Hanner isnt a household name
in the music business is beyond me. I saved the best for last,
the title cut, "YOUNG" - this Dave Hanner cut takes us all to
a place of reflection. It seems to beg the question "What if..
Who Knows", but "that's just the way it is".
If you are a fan of just plain good music - you owe it to
yourself to pick up a copy of "YOUNG".

- John A. Marsigilio

Here is my 2nd music review - of the song, "Beautiful Fool" from
TAXI, Worlds leading A & R Company, Calabasas, California
Date: 1/18/07

"Lois, I am listening to this song the day after the Martin Luther
King Holiday and thinking about how appropriate it is. I hope
radio stations got to play this on that holiday. I loved your
Cronkite/Disney TV reference. For young kids watching it -
between the resistance of white society and the innate understanding of it's "rightness" - he was indeed a beautiful
fool. Like Jesus and Ghandi he paid the price for it but
there's no doubt they changed the world. I love your bridge,
musically and lyrically. I was also moved by your wonderful
performance - your vocal sells this song. This is very special".

-Clay McBay
TAXI - Director of A & R

Feb 11 2007 8:46P

The review will be up on thebridgeworks site, linked from my profile, in a day or two, but thought you and your friends would like to see it here -- if it FITS!!


We've been hearing about the new era in the music endeavor, heralded by the corporate syndrome focusing on major market advertising demographics, leaving a LOT of really talented people with no choice but to go the independent route. Okay, here's the deal. In just under four minutes after you start playing this album, you will feel an emotional lift that reminds you of SOMETHING you've felt before. Yeah, we remember -- once upon a time, folks let stuff happen in the studio because it was fun and engaging. I need to tell you that Dave Hanner (as in the Corbin/Hanner Band of sometime back and a publishing affiliation with Mel Tillis, among other things) produced this CD, and they gave themselves some two years on it. Now that I have your attention, contributing songwriters (in addition to Dave and Kelly Dietz for the title song), include J.D. Souther, J.J. Cale, Don Henry, Lucinda Williams, Tracy Chapman, Andy M. Stewart, and Heidi Womer (with Dave on the closing song). To complicate your audio image here of all that stuff going on, there's also a PD tune, "Rattlesnakin' Daddy," which incorporates a 1966 cut by Lois' dad, Ramblin' Roy Scott, as bookends for Lois' cut. We're talking SERIOUS esoteria!!
We're also talking really good music. Lois tells me that she and her band opened club dates in Pennsylvania for Gravel, before they became known as the Corbin/Hanner Band circa 1979. There has been a lot of path crossing over the years as both Bob Corbin and Dave Hanner have had more songwriting success than hits with the band, and "Dave and I have wanted to work together for ten years, but this is the first studio collaboration. We've already started to work on the next project."
Wow. This one is pretty danged amazing. Except for the choir extravaganza on "Young," Lois and Dave do the harmony vocals, and it's the kind of blend one can believe has been ten years in the making. Calling the style country/rock/pop fusion would probably not be off base, but neither is it ON base, as a "which-bin-will-it-fit-at-the-record-store" sense of style takes a back seat to good songs, heartfelt singing, tasteful playing, and precise production. Lord, I would love to watch Frank Jones listen to this album!!

- Bill Littleton
The Bridgeworks Paper
Nashville, Tennessee

 Bill Littleton@unclewillamsplace.com
Lois Scott's Special Events
BACK UP AND PUSH ALBUM - available for purchase
Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who Knew ????

Back Up and Push Fan's "still out there" !!! How Cool !!!

I have gotten dozens of emails from people who were big fans of
my country band from the 80's - BACK UP AND PUSH - requesting information on HOW to get our "old music". Back in the day, we were only on vinyl/45 records/cassettes.

I can make CD's now of our lst album - and for all you "diehard" BUP fans - also included is our 2nd album - THAT NEVER GOT RELEASED.

That's a "21" song CD - of Lois Scott and Back Up and Push.
No fancy label, or photo's included - just a CD with twenty-one of the BUP music. For the low, low price of $13.00 (that includes shipping and handling). THIS HAS NOT BEEN REMIXED OR REMASTERED - YOU WILL GET THE ORIGINAL SOUND TAKEN FROM A PHONOGRAPH. Just so you know what your gettin'.

Send no cash. Checks and money orders only. Allow time for checks to "clear" before receiving your CD.

If you'd like to get the LOIS SCOTT/BACK UP AND PUSH "anthology" CD: Send your check or money order - payable to:

Lois Novakovich
1605 Kansas Avenue
White Oak, PA 15131

(Just to let you know - you will "hear" the phonograph needle start out every song...........Kinda cool - brings back the good ole' days of "record players").

Here's the list of tunes on the 21 song CD:

Ole Jack Daniels
Comin'Apart at the Seams
Honest to God Cowboy
Blackberry Wine
Sharin the Nite
Highway Thunder
Love is like a River
Lay Down Hearts
Good Whiskey
Cloudy Skies
Magic Mirror
The Lovin' you is Easy
You feel like what I need
You only want me when your lonely
Iron Horse
Missippi Moon
Eight Days a Week (Beatles cover)
Hero's and Rainbows
I Think I fell in love today
Walkin' After Midnite (Patsy Cline Cover)
Aint No Easy Way (Written by Bob Corbin)

Quite a bit of Pittsburgh Country Music "nostalgia" to add to your Cd collection.

Thanks for all the folks who have inquired/love my music of Back Up and Push - it was the best of times.

Lois Scott's Special Events
Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Very cool thing happened to me.

A writer by the name of "CLAY EALS" from Seattle Washington,
contacted me to ask me to be included in his upcoming book, that
he is writing about the great songwriter: STEVE GOODMAN

Why me you say?

Seems Steve's song "You Never Even Called Me By
My Name" (which David Allan Coe made famous)got me and my band,
BACK UP AND PUSH out of a lot of trouble the nite we were booked
into a "ruff honky tonk". Steve's song saved my life - and
when Clay heard the story - he thought it amusing enough to include in his upcoming book.

Not going to tell you the story - you'll have to go out and buy
Clay's book.

You Can check out Clay's website - and also - order the book online.
Visit Clay at: www.clayeals.com

The book cost is $ 25.00 plus shipping and handling.
Worth every cent. Great photo's/stories. A must have.

How cool is that?

You may recall one of Steve Goodman's most famous songs,
"City of New Orleans", which most folks mistakenly think Bob
Dylan wrote. Wrong. Mr. Steve Goodman. Steve has since passed on.

I want to thank Clay for giving me this wonderful mention.
Wishing Clay great success with his book.

Lois Scott's Special Events
WYEP Radio - played "Rattlesnakin' Daddy"
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hi friends - Although I missed it - got calls from alot of my
friends/fans telling me they heard a cut from my CD, "YOUNG" being played on local radio station - WYEP 91.3FM.

Was told around 6:00/7:00pm last Wednesday (4-18-07)
WYEP played "Rattlesnakin' Daddy" on the air. Explaining the
history behind the song.

How cool is that. Now, I dont know all the particulars - whether they will be playing it on a rotation or playing other cuts -
but EVERY VOICE COUNTS. I would be so grateful if you like my
CD, "YOUNG"................if you could call the radio station
and see if they will play "YOUR" favorite cut from my album.

WYEP Radio 9l.3FM
67 Bedford Square
Pittsburgh, PA l5103

Studio phone number: (412) 381 - 9900

Today it is so very hard for an artist OVER 30 to be taken
seriously - let alone OVER 50. But I am not giving up. If
you support local artists/over 30/40/50 - please call the radio
station and see if "the music really matters".........That is
WYEP's slogan - lets see if it really really does......

Thanks for all your continued support - come out and see my
Loco Amigos and I perform very soon.

Dont forget about my radio interview this Sat. April 28th on
KDKA radio (THE LIFE LOUNGE) with Miss Carol Lee Espy.
My time slot is ll:00pm to MIDNITE. Its 1020am. Please tune

WYEP Radio - Pittsburgh, PA
Lois Scott's Special Events
Doing LIVE Radio interview on KDKA Radio (l020am)
Saturday, April 28, 2007

Have the honor to be invited on Ms. Carol Lee Espy's radio
program "THE LIFE LOUNGE" on KDKA radio - Sat. April 28th, 2007

My time slot for the interview is: ll:00pm til MIDNITE
(Ah, yes, the midnite hour).

Hope you will tune in - your AM Radio dail for KDKA
and give Carol Lee and I a listen.

Not sure what's going to happen - that's always a good thing.
I love "livin' on the edge".
KDKA Radio (l020am) Gateway Center, Pittsburgh PA
Lois Scott's Special Events
Guest at Club Cafe - Acoustic Nite
Monday, February 25, 2008

Friend and Pittsburgh performer/KDKA radio host, CAROL LEE ESPY, is the Host for Club Cafe's - Acoustic Cafe Night.

Johnny Marsigilio - Miss Tammy Colt - and I - of THE KNOBS have
been invited to do a couple songs of THE KNOBS NEW CD,
"2 America's" this coming Monday.

Doors open at 6:30
Show at 7:00
Must be OVER 21.

Great place to support LOCAL musicians. Come check it out
this Monday Feb. 25th.
See you there.
56-58 South 12th Street, Pgh (Southside) PA
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Headling the NEW - Jamboree in Wheeling, West Va. At the "beautiful" VICTORIA THEATER - Cant Wait.
Saturday, January 03, 2009
So proud to announce - the NEW Wheeling Jamboree has secured
the beautiful VICTORIA THEATER on Market Street - downtown Wheeling to host all future LIVE SHOWs and RADIO BROADCASTs of
the Jamboree.

It's a good start. My Dad, Roy Scott - started on the Jamboree in l947 - where he did a LIVE performance and radio broadcast - every Sat. Nite til the mid 70's. It's was a big part of his popularity/success in the music business.

I give the folks at WWVA much credit - for trying to bring back
this wonderful venue.

I am proud to say I became a "member" of the Jamboree in l985 -
and performed there until l995. And it's so good to be "asked
back" to help launch this WWVA Jamboree "Comeback".

The Show is start at 7:00pm with THE DAVISSSON BROTHERS - and
then my bunch of yay-hoo's.........THE BAILERS and I will
do our show at 8:00pm.

This is very exciting news - but not alot of time to "spread the word" that the THEATER is now secured and is now open
every Sat. nite will LIVE performances as well as the radio show.

Please come to Wheeling and support the performers and the New
Jamboree - now at the VICTORIA THEATER.

Go to this link below to get ticket cost information and
directions to the Theater.

So proud to be the very lst Act to perform at the New Jamboree
hope to see you all there.

Wheeling West Va.
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Saturday, February 14, 2009
Lois is appearing at the Wheeling Jamboree - for the Valentines Day SPECIAL - "SWEETHEARTS" of the Jamboree Show.

Appearing with Lois Scott will be the legendary and rising stars of the Wheeling Jamboree:

On the Bill:


Lois will be on between 8:00pm and 8:30pm.....

For ticket and direction information visit:

Hope you have a romantice Valentine's Day....
Remember - to be kind to one another. It goes along way.
Wheeling West VA
Lois Scott's Special Events
Lois and her talented family along with The Bailers at the WHEELING JAMBOREE.
Saturday, April 25, 2009
It's the SCOTT family show......The entire Jamboree show will

Lois Scott and THE BAILERS
Harmony Scott (Jan and Lori)

At the beautiful Victoria Theater, Market Street, Wheeling WVA.

Show time is: 7:00pm
Early show and best time to get there for the BEST seat is

Please go to: www.wheelingjamboree.org
for direction/ticket cost for the show.

The entire show will be aired LIVE via internet...Come see
this beautiful theater - hosting a Jamboree Legend, Roy Scott.

The "McLure Hotel" is right next door - just a suggestion....
get a room at the McLure - when walk to the theater....
and go to Wheeling Island after the show (that's what I will be doing - CRAPS is my gambling vice of choice).....

Wont you join us - its going to be a great nite.
Wheeling Jamboree - Victoria Theater - Wheeling WVA
Lois Scott's Special Events
Check out Video's of Lois Scott and THE BAILERS - plus sisters Jan and Lori
Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Jamboree videographer - Gary Thompson (and pretty wife Janet) were kind enough to post a couple video's taken from our LIVE performance on April 25th.

Click on the link below to see a "Harmony Scott" Re-union song with my sisters, Jan and Lori.......

Then after watching that one - look to the right of the video page and you can watch a couple Lois Scott and THE BAILER video's from the Jamboree.

There are also other local country artists on Gary's site....

I am sure Gary will be downloading more video's of Lois/Bailers and Harmony Scott - as well as our good looking Dad, Roy Scott and the near future. Keep checking back on Gary's Site.
Video Performances from Wheeling Jamboree - April 25th 2009
Lois Scott's Special Events
Lois and THE BAILERS - to do a special "USO" Tribute Show
Sunday, June 07, 2009
Leo (Grille 31 Restaurant, owner) is hosting a "USO" Tribute show at
the Mt. Pleasant GAZEBO (Main Street, Mt. Pleasant, PA) with
Lois Scott and THE BAILERS - "RAMBLIN' ROY SCOTT - with the company of a COMEDIAN - and more special guests...

The BAILERS and I will be doing "patriotic" and period songs - made famous
from the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's.......

It's FREE to the public - there will be lots of MEDIA....
Soliders/Veterans from all branches of the US of A Services will be attending.

Our show time is 6:30 and the entertainment will be going on - into the nite.

Please join Leo (Grille 31)Host to this wonderful honor to our
service men and women of the PAST and PRESENT.

GAZEBO - Main Street - Mt. Pleasant, PA
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Pre-Show to "Jamboree in the Hills" - West VA.
Friday, July 17, 2009
Lois and The Bailers will be at the PRE-SHOw - to the famous "superbouwl of country music" outdoor 3 day Event (Jamboree in the Hills) near St. Clairsville, Ohio.

We will be appearing at an outdoor concert at the LITE HOUSE INN - in Belmont OHIO - near the WVA line............

Along with:

Lois Scott and THE BAILERS
Dash Rip Rock Band

We Bailers will go on at 2:00 in the afternoon - and play til
about 4:30.....................Outdoor concert is OVER at 6:00pm that nite...................to get ready for Jamboree in the Hills.

You will be able to listen to our show - LIVE on WKKX Radio -
l600 on the AM radio dial.

Visit the Wheeling Jamboree Website for more information and driving directions from Pa.

Hope to see you at the Lite House Inn - in Belmont.
Lite House Inn - 43999 National Road, Belmont Ohio, 43718
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Outdoor Show at Monongahela, PA - GAZEBO
Friday, July 31, 2009
Hope you will join us "BAILERS" for an outdoor concert (bring your lawn chairs or blanket)......

It will be at the Monongahela GAZEBO for the "Transfiguration Church Festival".

Show Time for THE BAILERS is 6:30 til 10:30.

Special Guest on the show with us is my Dad, "RAMBLIN' ROY SCOTT" - WWVA Wheeling Jamboree Legend.
He is even bringing out the FIDDLE.......A must see !!!!!

GAZEBO is located right in the middle of town. Cant miss it.
See you there.
Monongahela GAZEBO - Main Street
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Lois and THE BAILERS - return to the Wheeling Jamboree
Saturday, August 01, 2009
The "NEW" Wheeling Jamboree is now located in the beautiful
VICTORIA THEATER on Market Street, Wheeling West Va.

Please visit the Wheeling Jamboree website for directions/ticket cost and the "other" acts on the show that day with us.

Show starts a 7:00 - you can also "listen" to our show, LIVE -
on the internet by going to the Jamboree website.

Victoria Theater - Market Street - Wheeling WVA
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Saturday, October 24, 2009
Hi friends, Glad to be asked to be apart of this festival....
Honoring the life and career of one of Beaver County's most influential teachers.....RICHARD D. ZANA. This is organized by a group of former students and colleagues.

Mr. Zana (music teacher) passed away on July 13, 2008 - after a long battle with cancer.

Here are some of the other acts/bands/performers donating their time and talents for this festival.

Lois Scott and THE BAILERS
...............just to name a few.

Also there will be a Poker Run - a Car Cruise - The Zana Alumni Choir - a DRUM Circle.......and much much more.

From the schedule I received - it looks like Lois and THE BAILERS will be appearing in the "time slot" of......
anywhere from 5:00 to 7:00pm.

The purpose of this Festival/Fund is to provide music scholarships for talented area students and to benefit cancer research.

Location: Dutch Palillion, Ambridge PA
Dutch Pavillion - Ambridge PA
Lois Scott's Special Events
Saturday, November 07, 2009
This is gonna be a great nite.

Pittsburgh's own Rock and Roll Legend: Joe Grushecky and his HOUSEROCKERS appearing at Twin Oaks Lounge.

Lois and THE BAILERS will be doing an hour - opening for Joe and the guys.

There will be a cover charge and tables are limited....call Twin Oaks for a table reservation at: (412) 678 - 3321 ASAP.

Lois and BAILERS will go on about 9:00
Joe Grushecky and THE HOUSEROCKERS - immediately following stage change..............

What a nite - dont miss it.
Twin Oaks Lounge - Rainbow Village Shopping Center - White Oak PA
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Return to the Wheeling Jamboree - Victoria Theater.
Saturday, November 28, 2009
If you havent made the trip yet to Wheeling Jamboree - it's new home is in the vintage/beautiful Victoria Theater.

My Bailers and I will be headling the show Nov. 28th.

Visit the link below for ticket/time/information about the Wheeling Jamboree Show.

LIVE over internet.......

It's a wonderful nite - and the Casino is right down the street.......I love "CRAPS"............maybe we'll head there after the show.................COME ON DOWN TO WILD AND WONDERFUL WEST VA.
Victoria Theater - Wheeling West Va.
Lois Scott's Special Events
Singing National Anthem at First "Pittsburgh Phantoms" BASKETBALL GAME
Saturday, December 05, 2009
I have been invited to sing the National Anthem at the very lst
"Pittsburgh Phantoms" BASKETBALL TEAM - game............

It will be at the "COURTTIME" Sports Complex - 95 Enterprise Drive in Elizabeth PA.

8:00 game time.

Visit the Phantoms website for more details.
Elizabeth PA
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Wheeling Jamboree has MOVED to the STATLER BALLROOM - inside of the beautiful McClure Hotel, Downtown Wheeling Jamboree...........Come see the show.
Saturday, February 20, 2010
Lois, Bryan, and Paul will be doing a 25 minute show on the WHEELING JAMBOREE stage - now located inside the McClure Hotel, 1200 Market Street, Downtown Wheeling WVA.

The show will be put on in the beautiful STATLER BALLROOM.

This is also the FIRST Wheeling Steel Guitar Show....

One the Show will be Steel guitar STARS as:

RUSS HICKS - HeeHaw TV Show and performed with Miss Connie Smith
Plus many other talented steel guitar players from the tri-states.................

Lois and the "unplugged" BAILERS will go on from 7:50 to 8:15
The RON RETZLER - from 1170 Band fame.

Doors open at 6:00
On LIVE broadcast at 6:30

Call (304) 232 - 0300 at the McClure Hotel for more information and room reservations.

See you there for the Show.
Show time: 7:00

I'll announce the other acts on the show as soon as it's posted.
Wheeling WVA
Lois Scott's Special Events
St. Patrick's Day with Roy Scott at GRILLE 31 Restaurant
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.

I will be appearing at Leo's "Grille 31" Restaurant, on Main Street (which is Route 31) Mt. Pleasant, PA.

No Cover - Great Food......

A nite of Classic Country - with special guest steel man and friend, JIM THOMPSON.

Dad and I Start at 7:00 til 10:30.

Have some green beer with us..................
GRILLE 31 Restaurant - Main Street - Mt. Pleasant PA
Lois Scott's Special Events
CAPITOL MUSIC HALL for the 77th Anniversay of the famous WHEELING JAMBOREE...Star studded with Charley Pride, Little Jimmy Dickens and more.....
Saturday, April 03, 2010
What a nite - you dont want to miss this.
Tickets on sale as you read this.

Wheeling Jamboree is celebrating it's 77th year......bringing in such Nashville Stars as:

Charley Pride
Little Jimmy Dickens
Jeanne Seeley
Jim Ed Brown
Helen Cornelious
The "original" ll70 Band
Roger Hoard

And the Legendary "RAMBLIN' ROY SCOTT (MY DAD)......
My sisters (Jan and Lori) and I - will be singing "back up vocals" for DAD's portion of the show.

For ticket information and show times - please go to:

ASAP !!!!!

Dont miss the once in a lifetime show.
Capitol Music Hall - Wheeling Jamboree, WVA
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Appearing on WHEELING JAMBOREE - WVA. Now at the Scottish - Rite Theater...check Jamboree Website for directions.
Saturday, May 22, 2010
What a great time.

The legendary Wheeling Jamboree - it is LIVE via the internet as well.

Other acts have not been firmed up as of this date......check back soon.

But, Lois and the Full Band (THE BAILERS) will be doing our favorite songs and hope you will make the show.

Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
South Strabane Community Days - Opening up for "ABBY" (PovertyNeck Hillbilly)
Saturday, June 05, 2010
South Strabane Community Day's

(near Old Trails Bar)
Actually in a little town called "PANCAKE".
Washington, PA l5301

The day starts at 11:00am and goes til 7:00pm.

Lois and THE BAILERS (unplugged) will be doing two
45 minute sets...............
Our First Show is at 1:00 afternoon
Second Show is at 2:00.

Following Lois and THE BAILERS - will be BUFFO the clown and then "ABBY" (PovertyNeck Hillbilly Fame).

Come out and spend the day. Games, Food, Exhibits...........and music............spend the day.....
bring the family and a lawn chair/blanket.

Support this Community Day Celebration

Billy Bell Park - (Pancake PA) Washington Pa.
Lois Scott's Special Events
Special EVENT....USO SHOW........Gazebo in Mt. Pleasant PA.
Sunday, June 06, 2010
Big Show in the Old Town Tonite.....

Leo/Grille 31 Restaurant is sponsoring and "feeding" ALL VETERANS and their familes who come to this show......yep, you heard me right.......................not only to a free dinner/but an awesome show.

Entertainment Line Up is:

Lois Scott and THE BAILERS
Ramblin' Roy Scott from WWVA Wheeling Jamboree
Magician/Comedy by: Bill Averman
Special guest appearances by: Candy Butala and Noelle Scott
(my daughter and neice).

Show Starts at 6:30 til 10:30
Buffet inbetween.

Over 300 Veterans/family members were honored with a buffet last year - thanks to the kind heart of Leo and Carol (owners of Leo and Son's GRILLE 31 Restaurant.

Please come support our Veterans and Leo's.......and see a great show.................................

GAZEBO -- in middle of Main Street, Mt. Pleasant PA
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Back at Leo and Sons "GRILLE 31" Restaurant, Mt. Pleasant PA
Saturday, June 26, 2010
Lois and the unplugged BAILERS start at 7:30pm.

No Cover - and great food to boot.
Main Street - Mt. Pleasant PA (Leo/Grille 31)
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
:Pittsburgh COUNTRY Cares for Nashville - Concert" - at THE ALTAR BAR , Pgh Pa.
Sunday, July 11, 2010
Very important concert - Pittsburgh Country Cares for Nashville Show/Concert is being held at "THE ALTAR BAR" on Penn Avenue, in Pgh Pa....on Sunday July 11th.

Five Bands:
East Coast Turnaround Band
Terry Lee Spencer
Lois Scott and THE BAILERS
NoMaD Band
Bryan Cole

Show start at 4:00 - $ 10.00 cover charge (which all proceeds go to the Pittsburgh Country Cares for Nashville benefit).

Lois and THE BAILERS play from 7:30 to 8:30.

Please tell everyone - to come support this effort for the recent flood victims of Nashville.
THE BAILERS and I will be proud to be apart of this benefit concert - and pray you will come to support country music and the folks of Nashville still suffering after the devastating flood of 2010. There is still so much to be done to help these people - your $ l0.00 donation for the cover charge.......is a small price to pay to help your fellow man/woman/child....in need at this time.
THE ALTAR BAR - Penn Avenue - Pgh PA
Lois Scott's Special Events
Lois Scott to sing National Anthem for the Pittsburgh RiverHounds
Thursday, July 15, 2010
So proud to be asked by RiverHounds Soccer Team's Head Coach (JUSTIN EVANS) to perform at Chartiers Valley High School -
Soccer Field..................singing our Nation's National Anthem.

Please come out and support our Pittsburgh RiverHounds.....
Game starts at 7:00pm.
Chartiers Valley High - Soccer Field
Lois Scott's Special Events
Lois with her Dad, ROY SCOTT - back at GRILLE 31 for Classic Country Nite.
Saturday, July 17, 2010
Classic Country nite......7:30 til 10:00

No cover - great food - lots of good folks...
Leo's Grille 31 Restaurant - Main St. - Mt. Pleasant PA l5666
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
With "RHONDA VINCENT" Nashville/Bluegrass Star at Wheeling Jamboree.
Saturday, July 24, 2010
You dont want to miss this show.

Hogan's Goat
Lois Scott and THE BAILERS
and Miss Rhonda Vincent and her band "THE RAGE".

Award winning bluegrass star - simply the best.

Get your tickets NOW - got to Jamboree website...PRONTO !!!!

Lois Scott's Special Events
Lois to Sing our National Anthem for Pittsburgh RiverHounds.
Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Please support our Pittsburgh Professional Soccer Team....

At: Chartiers Valley High School Soccer Field
Time: 7:00pm.

Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Sunday, August 29, 2010
The Bailers 2nd invite to this wonderful THREE DAY MUSIC FESTIVAL....

It's a Celebration of the life and career of one of the Beaver County's most influential teacher, RICHARD ZANA.

The purpose of this music festival is to help raise monies to provide Music Scholarships for talented area students - as well as benefit in more Cancer Research.

Three Days of MUSIC - people all donating their time/talents to help raise money for this wonderful event.

Here is just a few of the bands/artists attending this festival.

King Beaver Barbershoppers
The Granati Brothers
Corned Beef and Curry
The East Enders
Ambridge Steel Drum Band
Harmony Ridge Rhythm Band
Brad Yoder
The Eldorado Band
...................and of course, Lois and THE BAILERS

Please check on ZANAFEST website for all the entertaiment appearing in these 3 days.

Lois and The Bailers - are on Sunday, August 29th and performing from 1:50 to 2:20...........

Hope to see you at the fomer "Ambridge Country Club" - for ZANAFEST 2010.
Formerly the Ambridge Country Club
Lois Scott's Special Events
Lois with her Dad, ROY SCOTT - back at GRILLE 31 for Classic Country Nite.
Friday, October 01, 2010
Classic Country MUSIC - Later start (due to ball game in town)
9:00 til Midnite.
No Cover Charge.

Guest steelman - Pete Freeman.
Leo's Grille 31 Restaurant - Main St. - Mt. Pleasant PA l5666
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Saturday, October 23, 2010
More detail coming soon.

Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Lois and THE BAILERS (unplugged) at Leo's Grille 31 Restaurant
Saturday, October 30, 2010
No Cover - great food.

Bryan, Paul and I start 7:30 til 10:30.
Leo's Grille 31 Restaurant - Main St. - Mt. Pleasant PA l5666
Lois Scott's Special Events
My Dad - Ramblin Roy Scott - has passed away.
Wednesday, November 03, 2010
So very hard to type this text....My dad, WWVA Wheeling Jamboree STAR................"Ramblin' Roy Scott" - has passed away.

This is too fresh - and painful to explain details at this time.

Dad's wishes were a private service (kids and grandkids only).

Please go to www.kapr.com
to express your condolences/memories.

God Bless all of you who have tried to contact my sisters and I - the pain is too great at this time to respond to all of your cards, emails, facebook messages..........We need some time ...

There is a great silence in our world - in the weeks to come we will sincerely try to respond to all your concerns....

Thank you - on behalf of:

Lois Scott - Jan Scott - Lori Scott - Juli Snyder - Dave Snyder and Midge Borza.

Kapr's Funeral Home - website - Scottdale, PA
Lois Scott's Special Events
Spirit of Christmas Show - D'Imperio's Restaurant with Jimmy Beaumont of Skyliners.
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
My second year asked to help out with "THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS" Benefit Show at the wonderful "D'IMPERIO'S" Restaurant in Monroeville PA.

Nov. 16th on the Show that nite is:
Jimmy Beaumount and Donna Groom of the famous SKYLINERS.
Walt Maddox (tribute to Nat King Cole).
Judi Figel
Lois Scott
Mike McGann
and more surprise guests.

All monies raised for this benefit - buys gifts for AREA children who might now have a Christmas.....
Last Year - $ 6,000.00 was raised in 3 hours for the children.

Get into the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS with us...

No Cover Charge - FREE FOOD - and great variety of music.

Show starts: 7:30 til 11:00.

Call D'Imperio's for more information: (412) 823 - 4800

Please support this great cause.
I'll see you there.
D'Imperio's Restaurant - 3412 Wm Penn Highway - Pgh (Monroeville) PA l5235
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Appearing on Wheeling Jamboree - on my birthday (almost)
Saturday, January 15, 2011
Join Lois Scott and THE BAILERS at the Wheeling Jamboree to help me celebrate my (28th).....dont laugh tooooooooo hard......birthday.

My birthday is the day before - how better for me to celebrate my birthday than with my BAILER BAND - and all of you who can make the show................

More details soon.
Wheeling WVA
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
New Club for THE BAILERS in Monroeville, PA "GATEWAY GRILL"
Wednesday, January 19, 2011
New venue for THE BAILERS......please come out and support us in this new club/restaurant.

It's a Wednesday nite 9:00 til 1:00.

No Cover.

Gateway Grill
4251 Northern Pike Road
Monroeville, PA l5146
Getway Grill - Northern Pike Rd - Monroeville PA
Lois Scott's Special Events
ROY SCOTT TRIBUTE PARTY.. His "FAREWELL PARTY" everyone welcome...Musicians galore to entertain.
Sunday, April 10, 2011
Held at Twin Oaks Lounge (Rainbow Village Shopping Center)
Corner of Lincoln Way and Route 48 - White Oak PA
(412) 678 - 3321 for directions
Party starts at 3:00 til 8:00
Free munchies on tables and a FAREWELL PARTY cake.

Dad wanted a "FAREWELL PARTY" - even requested it held at his "brother in laws" establishment - TWIN OAKS.....

So, to honor Dad's wishes - Mark and I are having a heck of a farewell party to honor RAMBLIN' ROY SCOTT.

Inviting all friends/family/fans of ROY SCOTT - to help remember/celebrate Dad's wonderful life......Musicians/friends from near and far WILL BE INVITED to attend - and even get up and pick and sing alittle.............and we all gotta tell some "ROY SCOTT STORIES"..........

PS....My Dad told me personally and I quote "...and if one rock and roll song is played at my farewell party, I'll come back and haunt all of you".

The wonderful STAFF BAND will be:
Larry Miller on Bass
Tyler Ballew on Keys
Charlie McVay on Steel
Kenny Kellner on drums
Herb Humphreys on Lead guitar
Jay McKnight on acoustic guitar

No Cover -
Kitchen will be open day/nite for everyones convenience.

Please tell all who knew/loved/respected "RAMBLIN' ROY SCOTT - we are going to celebrate his wonderful LIFE.

We'll pick til we cant pick any more.......
Or as Dad would say.......3:00 til ..."the last piss in the ditch".
Twin Oaks - Rainbow Village Shopping Center - White Oak, PA
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Friday, April 15, 2011
Vickie's one of the most known HONKY TONKS around....is hosting a "BAILERS" nite...........Friday April 15th.

On board for the gig is:
Bryan Rubican - acoustic/Vocals
Paul Rodi - Bass/Vocals
Lois Scott - Vocals
Derrick Edwards - percussion/drums

Doing all our favorite country, blues, classic rock, originals and bluegrass music.

9:30 til 1:30.

Vickie's is located across from the WESTMORELAND FAIRGROUNDS...
Here's the phone number to Vickie's for directions...
(724) 424 - 2844
Vickie's Crossroads Bar - 1960 Mt. Pleasant Road
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
THE BAILRES return to N. Strabane Community Days.
Saturday, June 04, 2011
THE BAILERS had a wonderful time LAST YEAR performing at the N. Strabane Community Day's....near Washington Pa. (I'll have the address in a day or two).

THE BAILERS have a ONE HOUR SHOW from 2:30 til 3:30.

Hope you'll stop by - wonderful food, games, chinese auctions, dance teams......clowns.......more information coming on the other performers coming that day.

More details coming soon. See you there.

Lois Scott's Special Events
Lois - Herb - Roger (Country Trio - classic and new country)
Saturday, July 16, 2011
Back at our 2nd favorite venue to perform...
Leo's and Sons - Grille 31 Restaurant - Main Street - Mt. Pleasant PA.

7:30 til 10:30

No Cover.

Great food - nice people.

Doing Classic Country as well as NEW Country.....
Please join us.
GRILLE 31 Restaurant - Main Street - Mt. Pleasant PA l5666
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Our 3rd Year - at "ZANAFEST" -
Saturday, August 06, 2011
Proud to announce - THE BAILERS have been asked back for the 3rd year in a row - to HELP entertain the folks......and raise money for "ZANZFEST".

The mission of ZANAFEST is to support the Richard D. Zana Memorial Fund, to provide MUSIC scholarships for talented area students and to benefit CANCER Research.

ZANAFEST is a 3 Day musical event...Friday August 5, Sat. August 6, and Sunday, August 7th.

The Bailers will the HEADLINING on Sat. August 6th. That puts us somewhere around 8:00/9:00pm - we will be doing an HOUR and 45 minute show.

Bryan Rubican on Acoustic/vocals.
Paul Rodi on Bass guitar/vocals.
Derrick Edwards on Percussion.
Lois Scott - Vocals/percussion.

Please go to website provided to click onto information on all the other bands/acts scheduled to perform on this 3 day Festival.

ZANAFEST is held at "Harmony Ridge" - formerly The Ambridge Country Club.

This is a wonderful event - honoring a great man/teacher/musician....please help by coming to the Festival - remember all monies raised go to CANCER RESEARCH and MUSIC SCHOLARSHIPS for local high school students.
Harmony Ridge - formerly The Ambridge Country Club
Lois Scott's Special Events
I'll be performing at: RIP-ROCK FEST.
Saturday, August 20, 2011
This festival is happening at the Grand Vue Park Amphitheater....address is coming soon.....The reason for the FEST - is to "raise monies" for the Miracle League Kids...to update/fix the kids baseball field.

I am proud to be singing the National Anthem - to start the day.
11:25 in the AM.

Immediately following are: 13 bands/acts....with FIREWORKS FINALE......evening ending about 11:30pm.

Bring your kids/blankets/lawn chairs - amd make it a day - helping the MIRACLE LEAGUE KIDS - get a great baseball field.

Some of the Rock bands are:
Influence of Danger
Trippin' the Riff
Adrian Niles Band
Old Buddy Jack
The Experience
and my buddies THE RIP-ROCKERS (which I will joining on stage to do a couple rock tunes with them).
It's a great day - full of great ROCK BANDS...all for a great cause...for the KIDS.

Ticket price in advance: $10.00 each
$15.00 day of show.

For more information - please visit the RIP-ROCKERS website listed below.
Ohio Valley - address to follow soon.
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
New Venue for THE BAILERS -- KOPPER KETTLE in Washington PA
Saturday, September 03, 2011
Excited to perform at a new venue with THE BAILERs...with Derrick Edwards on percussion.

9:00 til 1:00

Located: 2 Kopper Kettle Road
Washington PA l5301

(724) 225 - 5521 - Please call them for directions if needed.

Hope you will come out and support THE BAILERS.
KOPPER KETTLE - 2 Kopper Kettle Rd, Washington PA l5302
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Look out THE BAILERS and I - on a Saturday Nite at the Twin Oaks.
Saturday, September 10, 2011
Join THE BAILERS and I - doing our country/originals.

No Cover.

9:00 til 12:30.
Twin Oaks - Rainbow Village Shopping Center - White Oak, PA
Lois Scott & the Lois and THE BAILERS
Unplugged - with Derrick Edwards on Percussion THE BAILERS
Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Back at our home away from home.

Twin Oaks - No Cover - Great Food - Nice People.

7:30 til 10:30.

Rainbow Village Shopping Center - White Oak PA 15131
Lois Scott's Special Events
SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS SHOW.....at D'Imperio's Restaurant, Monroeville, PA
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
So proud to be asked back 3rd year in a row....for this wonderful event.

Wednesday, Nov. 16th
7:00 pm til 10:00 pm.

The "SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS" SHOW - Hosted by my old friend and Radio/TV personality....MIKE MCGANN....along with Pittsburgh Sportscaster and Legend...BILL HILLGROVE.

The show is to raise money/toys - to buy children toys/needs at Christmas time. This is Bill and Mike's 6th year...and every year the event is bigger and better.

Here is just a handful of Pittsburgh Music Legends appearing on the Show:

Jimmy Beaumont (Skyliners)
Walt Maddox
Lois Scott
Judi Figel
Jamie Wright
Michele Benson
Rich Fisher
Leah Hillgrove
and many more sports/tv/music Celeb's.....

Tickets are $ 25.00 each (which includes ONE Free Cocktail, a ticket for the door prize, and a wonderful D'Imperio food Buffet is also included in that ticket price).

Please be so kind as to bring an "UN WRAPPED" gift for a child(any age)....for a donation.
Silent Auction - Chinese Raffle and more.

For More Information: Jim Johns (412) 877 - 3961

Please come out and support this great Christmas Show/Event....all for the children...to help give them a brighter Christmas morning.
D'Imperio's Restaurant, Route 22 (Penn Center), Monroeville, PA
Lois Scott's
Lois appearing as "NANCY SINATRA" with Bo Wagner's RAT PACK CHRISTMAS SHOW
Saturday, December 10, 2011
Bo Wagner's "RAT PACK" is coming to Twin Oaks Lounge...along with "Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Bo Wagner appears at FRANK SINATRA".......asking me to do a couple numbers as "Nancy Sinatra"....

This is gonna be a great "CHRISTMAS" Show with the Rat Pack...

There will be a cover (not posted at this time).

Twin Oaks Lounge
Rainbow Shopping Center - White Oak PA
Call for table reservations at: (412) 678 -3321 Twin Oaks.

I got my WHITE GO GO BOOTS - all polished up...
Hope to see you at Twin oaks for the RAT PACK CHRISTMAS SHOW.

Twin Oaks Lounge - Rainbow Village Shopping Center - White Oak. PA
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