Links to some of my friends & associates

Mitch Henderson - Artist/Painter  
  Former Pittsburgh "picker". Mitch formed Pittsburgh country rock band "Highway Ghost" of the late 70's/80's. Mitch now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is an awesome painter/artist. Please check out his gallery.
McVay Benders (steel guitar)  
  Those who know me - know I am spoiled. I have
had the priviledge to work with some of the finest steel players around in the last 35 years.
Charlie McVay and I worked on the WWVA Jamboree
in Wheeling - where he was staff steel man with
the ll70 Band. Ten years Charlie backed me/Nashville greats at Wheeling.

Other great steel men in my bands/life:
First: Gary "Jake" Jacob
2nd: Bob "Crafty" Crafton
Jamboree Years: Charlie McVay
Present: Lance Schnurr.

And to help me out in a pinch - some great
steel men: Karl Nutt, Jim Thompson, Pete Freeman and Danny Vorp.  
  Another way to purchase the new Lois Scott Cd,

Double click onto this site and type in:
Lois Scott

Please pick up a copy of Lois's new CD today.
Thank you for your support.
Clay Eals - Author of "Steve Goodman - Facing the Music"  
  Clay wrote about about the awesome "Steve Goodman". I have a little bit in the book.
I recall a moment that "saved my life" by
knowing a Steve Goodman Song. Clay liked my
story so well - he added to his book.
I will be on pages 721 and 722. Book release
scheduled April 07.
It's a live video clip of PLUM LOCO and myself
doing the title cut of my new CD, "YOUNG". From 1-14-07

What I love most about it - its "Live", it's
raw, it's real. Boo - Boo's and all.
No lip sync, no overdubbing, no sequencing,
just the way it's suppose to be.

Hey, at the end - look for the "chic" singer on my left (your right) closest to me...that's my beautiful daughter, NOELLE.

Click onto the blue link - then type in my name LOIS SCOTT in the search space - and
the video clip will come up. More clips coming soon.
McKeesport Little Theater  
  Wonderful theater group right here in McKeesport Pa, Dorothy Fallows is the director - who's hard work really shows. Awesome job Dorothy and all the "theater MOM's" - who are
so dedicated to the cause.
My Son, Ryan Novakovich is an actor with the
Please support these great kids -
Timberline Ski Resort  
  Want to make sure I tell you about a great little getaway for skiing - or just relaxing - not far away. Davis, West Va.

"Doc" and Fred are two of the most generous
propritors ever. They treat eveyone like family. "Doc" sure plays a mean fiddle and he is a serious ROY SCOTT fan.
Pay Timberline a visit. You'll be glad you did.
The Knobs  
  The "other" band I perform with.
This is classic/original rock and roll baby !!!
Listen to our live radio performance on WDVE.
Blind Date Band  
  Dave Ursenbach and I worked together in band
along time ago. Dave has a cool vocal - check
out his band.
Lois Scott  
  Visit my site on
See alot of my Nashville friends/connections.
Twin Oaks Lounge  
  Home Base of Lois Scott
Play on Recording  
  Recording Studio - "Jake" Hanner
Dave Hanner  
  Pittsburgh Legend/Nashville songwriter
(and the producer on my upcoming CD).
8th Street Rox Band  
  One of the best rock bands in the Burg.
Shirley - Gashouse  
  Fellow "gal" singer/friend.
Kevin Stiffler  
  Great photographer - does alot of Lois's pix.
Doug Brewin  
  Legend's in Concert - Alan Jackson performer. Doug also peforms with his band "LATE NITE RODEO".
Billy Price  
  Pittsburgh's Blues Legend
Ultimate Pittsburgh Area Band Link List  
  Links to hundreds of Pittsburgh area bands and artists. Maintained by the Random Brothers!
CSDI - Custom Embroidery and Advertising  
  This company is designing the new Lois Scott T-shirts!
The Hannies  
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