Lois Scott's Photo Treasury - My Life in Pictures

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Lots of Pictures of Lois
Jamboree in the Hills - 1986 - HARMONY SCOTT -Vol 1
Back Up and Push - 1979 thru 1985
Back Up and Push - continued
Jamboree-Harmony Scott-Opening Act for:
Jamboree-HS-Opening Act Vol.2
Best of Friends
Best of Friends #2
Misc. Photos - 1977 thru 1985
Misc. Photos
They don't make 'em like my DADDY anymore.
More of Ramblin' Roy Scott
Misc. Photos #3
One of THE BAILERS - band mate - PAUL RODI - Bass Player
Malfunctions and Misc. Photo's of LOCO - 2007
2007 Happenings

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